Get Involved

AMTA-MD is exclusively driven by the efforts of volunteers. We depend upon our members for support and carrying out our daily operations on a chapter level. All of the events, projects, programs and support that is provided by AMTA-MD represents thousands of hours per year in volunteerism from our community.

In return, we support our volunteers and provide many leadership development training’s to help volunteers grow and learn. The skills and abilities can easily translate into your business/career and help you to be more successful in whatever you do!

If you are not currently volunteering with us, we invite you to become an essential part of our very important mission. No matter your time constraints, no matter your location, we have a position for you.

Our Guiding Principles for Volunteerism

  • Honor and respect the personal needs of all volunteers.
  • Build capacity and commitment by striving to ensure volunteers get clear personal value out of their experience.
  • Ask volunteers to commit only to what they can responsibly accomplish; ask for minimum levels of time.
  • Support volunteer success and satisfaction through proper training and recognition of all volunteers, including leadership.
  • Provide clear direction and boundaries for all volunteer assignments.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with volunteers through  our newsletter and through this website!